Instituta. - Number 1/2022

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CONTENTS no. 1/2022

Sandro Guerrieri, Leonida Tedoldi, The reasons for this journal



Valentina Villa, Winston Churchill: a Founding Father of the United Europe?

Daniele Pasquinucci, Il Parlamento europeo prima dell’elezione diretta

Elisa Tizzoni, How green is my Europe? The environmental commitment of the European Court of Auditors (1977-2020)

Carlotta MingardiFrom Yugoslavia to the Western Balkans: tracing the evolutions of relations between the EU Institutions and the region in the 1990s

Alessandro IsoniFrom a Forest of Policies to a Forest Strategy? For an Institutional History of the European Forestry Strategy (1986-2013)

Christian Rossi, The Brexit Referendum of 2016. Past and Present in the Relationships Between the United Kingdom and the European Union and the Case of Northern Ireland


Debates and Discussions

Imperialist Narratives: New Trends in the Historiographical Analysis of Empires and Imperial Systems:

Cristina BonIntroduction; Farkhad AlimukhamedovThe Debate on Russian Imperialism and Colonialism in Central AsiaEnrico Dal LagoCostruzione della nazione e costruzione dell’impero negli Stati Uniti dell’Ottocento: una riflessione storiografica; Valdo FerrettiDal passato al presente: Il Giappone e l’Indo-Pacifico; Nicola MelisPer la storia dell’imperialismo nell’Impero ottomano.

Giovanni ZucchelliLa politica estera dell'Unione europea. Problematicità e prospettive.

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